Mechanical, Piping, Vessel & Stress

With our experience in design consultancy, we are well aware of the multiple targets a designer has to meet during the development process. We have a proven track record in providing efficient and practical solutions to optimise any design with respect to crucial design criteria such as strength, reliability, simplicity, weight and cost.  With our background in CAD modelling as the foundation, we have over 20 years’ experience in the area of stress analysis and FEA modelling.

Piping, Vessel & Stress

Within our Piping, Vessel and Stress departments we utilise industry standard software packages in delivering solutions and analysing problems:

  • Static Stress
  • Fatigue and Life Prediction
  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • Pipework Stressing
  • Steel Structures
  • Composite Materials
  • Contact Situations
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Vibration and Resonance
  • Shock and Impact
  • Seismic Loads
  • Non-Linear Stress
  • Drop Test Simulation
  • Snap-Fit Assemblies
  • Heat Transfer
  • Thermal Stresses
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Air Flow in Compartments
  • Free and Forced Convection

We also utilise the following software to ensure all work meets the high standards we set ourselves:

  • AutoCAD 3D and AutoPLANT for 3D: Integrated 3D plant design engineering CAD software tools for the design and modelling of process, power, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.
  • CAESAR II evaluates the structural responses and stresses of piping systems to international codes and standards.
  • FE/Pipe is a complete and full-featured FEA package for the pressure vessel and piping systems. It allows On Line Design to analyse individual or multi-component geometries to consider the interaction between multiple nozzles, saddles, clips, lugs, bends, etc.
  • NozzlePRO is a single-component analysis tool for piping and pressure vessels.  Analyse individual nozzles, clips, lugs or saddles.
  • PV Elite performs calculations in accordance with ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 & 2, PD 5500 and EN 13445. Rules from API579 (Fitness for Service) are also included for evaluating the current state and remaining life of existing vessels.
  • Finglow, Engineering Software for the Design of Pressure Vessels and Heat accordance with all the leading international codes of practice, including ASME VIII Divisions 1 & 2, PD 5500,  Stoomwezen and EN 13445.

Structural Design

Our expertise includes designing both simple and complex structures that are either fixed or integrated with moving elements, such as moving bridges, buildings and access gantries. We design to Eurocodes 1, 2, 3 and legacy BS standards such as BS 5950.

Our experience across a number of different sectors enables us to consider each design's requirements individually. After initially analysing the design from first principles, suitable load cases for the structure are developed that reflect its true operation. Following this it is then possible to select the most suitable design code on which the analysis will be based. We are able to design structures to several of the Eurocodes and their equivalent British Standard equivalents.

When designing moving structures, it is important to understand the interaction of the structure and the dynamic forces involved as well as any potential effects due to fatigue or resonance. We analyse actual loads and forces exerted within the structure to ensure that it is capable of withstanding these conditions.

Our experience across different sectors, with different types of moving structures and dynamic forces, enables us to understand the true interaction of the structure with its environment. This ensures that a safe and efficient design is produced that takes all of these factors into account.