Site Services

We provide both site surveys and laser scanning services for clients across the UK and Europe.

Site Surveys

Our engineers are often required to visit sites to perform site surveys and site measurements. This has been implemented extensively across the UK and into Europe. We have vast experience in many industries including:

  • Offshore oil & gas platforms
  • Refineries and petro-chemical plants
  • Metal processing plants
  • Structural steelwork
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Power stations

Laser Scanning Services for Design Engineers

We use many industry standard tools for surveying Leica Laser, GPS etc., including Faro Focus3D X130 portable laser scanners allowing our engineers to combine high precision scanning technology with true mobility and ease of use. This technology allows us to be at the forefront of measuring and quality control accuracy.

3D laser scanners are revolutionary, non-contact devices for surveying complex plant and utility engineering projects from ground and subterranean level. Our intricate survey data is a proven platform for some of our clients’ major projects throughout the UK.